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Society of Women
In Medicine

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Who We Are

SWIM - Fighting the Long Fight

Over the past 25 years, women have consistently been at least 40% of the medical graduates, but they occupy only 20% of leadership roles. 

At academic lectures, female doctors are introduced as "Dr. So-and-so" only 50% of the time. The other half? Called by their first name. 

A study published just this year showed that the gender pay gap between male and female doctors is increasing. The average female physician makes 100K LESS than the average male physician.


The statistics don't lie.

SWIM is here to help.

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"Such equity promises to result in
BETTER professional fulfillment for all physicians
as well as
IMPROVED patient satisfaction and outcomes"

Anna Parks, MD


Upcoming Events

Answering the Questions You Didn't Know You Had

 Join us on October 18th for a discussion about something no one talks about - fertility!

Book Club

Stay tuned for when we announce our first ever book club!


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